Skyway House

Skyway House Treatment & Detox Center, is a residential treatment facility. If detoxification is necessary, we have nurses on staff to assist with care. We work closely with our consulting physician and can provide Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) as necessary.

When a new client arrives for residential treatment, our counselors conduct a comprehensive assessment and design an individualized treatment plan that will guide the person through his or her stay in our care. All male and female adult clients receive one-on-one case management that is tailored to meet their particular needs and unique life situations.

Certified AOD counselors use an evidence-based curriculum in a group setting as well as with individuals in one-on-one sessions. They focus on an individual’s needs and goals for long-term recovery.

Skyway House provides a family-style atmosphere with plenty of exterior space to allow for outdoor activities. There is also playground equipment available for when children from our clients’ families come to visit their loved ones.

Our warm and caring staff are passionate and committed to each client’s recovery goals, and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in our residence in order to meet any needs that may arise.

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