Why Choose Us?

For more than two decades, Skyway House has been “Opening Doors to a New Way of Life” for men and women who are suffering from substance abuse and addiction. Our 20-bed, drug and alcohol, residential treatment program offers a wonderful place for men and women to begin their journeys to recovery.

Welcoming, Supportive Environment

We are proud to provide individuals in need and their family members with a supportive environment that encourages hope and is conducive to continued healing. This sense of support is reflected in our warm, homelike facility where our clients reside as they heal. Rooms are shared, clients share meals with one another, allowing for a time of fellowship, and everyone can enjoy a large, beautiful backyard that contains a garden, gazebo, sprawling lawn, and playground equipment for children’s visits.

Experienced Staff

The compassionate and dedicated members of our staff are the heartbeat of Skyway House and they are one of the main reasons that we have been successful for more than 25 years. In addition to possessing considerable experience and superior skills, our staff is committed to ensuring that every aspect of a person’s experience at Skyway House is positive and reflective of the respect that we have for all clients, alumni, and family members.

Personalized, Compassionate Services

At Skyway House there is no such thing as “just another client.” Each individual who is entrusted into our care will receive a personalized treatment plan that is specifically customized according to a thorough assessment of his or her strengths, needs, and treatment goals. The elements that are incorporated into each individual’s personalized plan are selected for one reason only: Because our experts believe that they are best suited to helping the individual overcome his or her unique challenges and to achieve his or her specific objectives.

One of our primary objectives at Skyway House is to ensure that everything we do is done out of compassion for those who are healing with us, reflecting the respect that we have for our clients and their family members. It takes considerable strength and courage for a person to admit that he or she has a substance abuse problem and to seek treatment. We value the life experiences that each person brings with him or her to the treatment setting, and we are honored to have the opportunity to help individuals take their first steps out of the grips of addiction.

Client-Centered Care

Our dedication to personalized services extends to all aspects of the treatment experience, including planning and evaluation. The men and women who heal at Skyway House are not merely passive recipients; instead, they are expected to take ownership of their recovery and are encouraged to play active roles in their treatment. Skyway House’s clients work in close collaboration with members of their treatment teams to set short- and long-term goals, evaluate their progress, and determine how best to prepare for lifelong success.