Residential Treatment Program

When a new client arrives for residential treatment, our counselors conduct a comprehensive assessment and design an individualized treatment plan that will guide the person through his or her stay in our care. All male and female adult clients receive one-on-one case management that is tailored to meet their particular needs and unique life situations.

Clients participate in both group and individual counseling, which includes relapse prevention, life skills classes, basic recovery tools and lessons, re-entry strategy planning, and transitional planning. Clients are Presented with all recovery modalities, and are supported in the recovery path of their choice.

Skyway House staff are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week in our residence in order to meet any needs that may arise.

Keeping in mind that alcohol and drug addiction can devastate families as a whole, at Skyway House, we believe that it is vital to have one’s entire family involved in the recovery process. Individuals who are struggling with addiction have a much better chance of maintaining long-term sobriety when their loved ones are actively involved in their recovery process. For this reason, family members of those in residential treatment, at times, may be invited to partake in a family counseling session with their loved ones primary counselor. The professional counselors at Skyway House are dedicated to the recovery of not just the individual struggling with an addiction, but to the healing of his or her family as well.


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